New-See is a leading  Intelligent software provider specialized in property management systems in  China. Headquartered in the city of Hangzhou, New-See was incorporated in 2004, and is recognized for the long history and the pioneering leadership in the  field of property management. New-See provides full-fledged, one-stop property management olutions and SaaS Cloud products to meet various needs including commercial, residential, retail, and office & industrial roperties. New-See has been a faithful partner and the supporting engine for industry champions to succeed in the digital ransformation; our clients include major listed companies including Green Town, Agile Living, and EverGrande Property Services.

Who We Are
20 Years

Service Experience in Digitalizing Property Management

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What We Do for  Property Management Companies

New-See is an intelligent agent and indispensable partner for any property  nagement firm who strives to digitalize their operations. We are passionate in leveraging the cutting-edge technology to help our clients excel in digital transformation, in operational efficiency, and in service upgrade. We provide full-fledged  digitalization solutions by deploying our system packages in three key niche areas,  Smart Property Management (SPM), Smart Commons (SCO), and Smart Operations  (SOP). Our mission is to help property management companies become more  efficient in the main line of service, provide greater experience for  residents, and identify new value propositions from daily operational activities.

New-See Smart Property Management focuses on control, compliance, efficiency, and cost engineering. It provides a one-stop digital tool to break down the functional silo, promote information sharing, and synergize the operation of different  business lines and departments.

Our Smart Commons system serves client firms by providing modules on virtual service, housekeeper service, community building service, Device IoT service, all of which significantly enhance the service experience.

New-See Smart Operations aims to create new value from routine services for client firms. Our modules include online shopping service, catering-to-home service, hospitality and ambulance service, elderly care service, distribution service of best-seller products. Our SOP packages assist property management companies to diversify their business operational activities based on the property management infrastructure and enable residents to participate and interact in daily operational activities.

Smart PropertyManagement (SPM)

Smart Commons (SCO)

Smart Operations (SOP)

Generally, we can  provide the following management solutions and platforms for property  management companies:

The growth of the activities and identify new value propositions for traditional activities. Aiming to satisfy the need of our ambitious clients who aim to grow the top line revenue, we provide various operations solutions, smart hospitality solutions, best-seller direct distribution solutions, so that our client firms can allocate resources, achieve business transformation, and operations upgrade, with great effectiveness and efficiency.

New-See provides system solutions that scan and engineer the cost equation based on every employee, each budget line, designated materials, relevant deeds, and all clients. We customize our digitalization tools for property managementcompanies of different scale and varying size, including the privatized deployment and SaaS deployment. Our system solutions have proven to be effective in growing the top line revenue and saving the cost flow based on an impressive track record during the last nineteen years.

Grow the Top Line

Save the Cost

The business operations of property management companies focus on two strategies, “grow the top line”, and “save the cost.”

What Solutions We Provide

What Solutions We Provide

Our users

        New-See has established competitive  advantage that is very hard to replicate and to replace, through its long  history and reputable tracking record in serving the property management firms   for the last nineteen years. We keep an annual growth rate of higher than 25%  for the last four years. We consistently win the award of Top Gazelle  Enterprises in the city of Hangzhou.

        New-See leverages its advantages and provides Best Business Solutions for various leaders in the property management industry. Our clients include 24 listed property companies. Our client list includes 6 out of the Top 10, 37 out of the Top 50, and 80+ out of the Top 100 property management companies. 40% of industry  champions have adopted and are actively users of the Digitalization System  provided by New-See.

        In the year 2022, New-See has initiated new collaborations with the industry leaders including Hejing Youhuo, Hailunbao, Kangqiaoyue, and Dongyuan Renzhi. New-See continues  to serve as a supporting and accelerating engine in the journey of digital transformation of our clients; New-See keeps a strong and promising trajectory  of growth. Further, New-See is well received among many small & medium firms who are emerging stars and future champions. Our signature package of “i-EasyButler”, which is a SaaS solution that connects housekeepers to every residential home managed by a property management firm, is well-received and  well-applauded by many small & medium property management firms.

        Looking forward, New-See identifies itself as a smart agent to help property management firms sail through the digital transformation journey. We leverage the digital tools and operational  activities to enable and empower property management firms; we are keen on  digitalizing the following eight application contexts: employee, finance, materials, deeds, customers, expand, connect, and shop. Our mission is to help  property management firms achieve their goal in digital transformation; together  we become stronger by building a sustainable eco-system of digital property  management.

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